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Retail Equity

As pioneers of online market trading in india, find out how we imapact equity, commodity, internet, and currentcy trading.

Retail Equity at Sunidhi comprises equity, commodity, internet, and currency trading. We pioneered online market trading in India. A few other factors that have contributed to our success in this offering include:

Consistent and contemporary market guidance
Transparency in fundamental and technical research
High compliance
Regular updates on research reports and recommendations
State-of-the-art IT systems that have enabled zero down time

Sunidhi’s Retail Equity offering has won the hearts of our customers, who continue to strengthen their relations with us. We have continued to meet expectations while, on occasions, even exceeding them. Our inspirational Service Assurance Team is proficient in delivering the best solutions to suit our clients. We regularly keep them updated with every evolving aspect of the markets.

Sunidhi’s experienced Risk Management Team also keeps our partners, agents and clients engaged through personal/branch visits, training programmes, calls, and seminars. Agents and clients are promptly updated with market alerts to quickly and effectively curtail trading losses. Those we serve are truly our priority.

We offer both EXE and mobile app-based trading options. We have expertise in online back office software (for branches and individual clients). We also offer a bouquet of options for sale and buy back. Our services extend to NBFCs.

Every day, our systems are up and running well before the markets. With state-of-the-art IT backing, Sunidhi can proudly boast no disruptions in transactions because of shortages in margin while serving clients. This empowers users to never miss an opportunity as well as iron out issues early in the day without losing any precious time. A detailed report of each day’s dealings is sent out to ensure the highest level of transparency.

Internet Trading allows our clients to view their holdings online and choose to sell without any external help. Sunidhi believes in proactive serving enabled by technology. Our clients thus have all the information they need on their fingertips.

Institution Equity(Corporate)

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We have a capital solution for your every lending need.
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